Prophetic Matrimony : 40 Hadith on Marital Harmony


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Moin Uddin Khan
Marriage is a sacred union that safeguards society and ensures the preservation of humanity. Islam has encouraged marriage and has provided much guidance on the topic. While there are many works on marriage; most of them cover the rituals, rites and legalities of marriage which is a necessity to implement the ceremony and contract. Yet there are little works in the English medium providing support after the hype and glitter fades and the spouses are faced with the reality of living together.
People assume that after marriage the couple automatically fall in love with each other like a fairy tale, while the truth is that the marital relationship needs time, dedication, sacrifice, patience and mutual tolerance to secure itself, especially in the initial critical stages.
This compilation seeks to highlight how the prophet SAW; behaved with expressions and gestures of kindness, love and intimacy. By acting upon these hadith, one can hope that not only will they achieve closeness to Allah by emulating His messenger SAW;, but one can also build their bond with their spouses in this world and also be in each other's company in the hereafter.

Book comes in two colours RED or White. (Price for one book)


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