Prophetic Wellbeing - 40 Hadith on Healthy Living


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Moin Uddin Khan
Health has become a big aspect of one's life in this modern society, making the health industry one of the biggest and most lucrative in the modern age. Unfortunately most of the focus has become about the physical appearance of having a 'healthy' body, which at times is at the expense of one's physical and mental wellbeing.

Islam places much significance on the wellbeing of an individual which encompasses one's physical, mental and spiritual state, which together allow one to function in the best manner.

This compilation seeks to highlight how the Prophet (Sallalhu Alayhi wa Sallam) practised and encouraged living a healthy and active lifestyle, and how his teachings and examples are applicable, relevant and serve the needs of the health consciousness of this modern society.

By acting upon these Ahadith, one can hope that not only will they achieve spiritual closeness to Allah by emulating His messenger, but one can also live a physically and mentally healthy prosperous life in this world.


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