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I didn't make the most of Ramadan, I wish had done more, I don't really know all the extra actions I could have done, I don't want to waste my chance this year, I started off well but fizzled out at the end.....'

Sound familiar?... The Ramadan Booster is specially designed to help make you have your BEST RAMADAN EVER! Not only does it help you identify your needs; it also encourages you to aim high and achieve more. What's really unique about the Ramadan Booster is that it provides articles everyday which are both dynamic and thought provoking and, InshaAllah, will motivate you to do BETTER.

The Ramadan Booster also provides tips, and recommended good deeds to help organise your Ramadan. Pearls of wisdom from the Quran and Sunnah will encourage you to maximise your potential InshaAllah and the daily reflections will encourage you to explore your strengths and weaknesses.

It eliminates the need for a pile of books by providing what you need to know and do all in one place! For those 'difficult days' the Ramadan Booster is perfect for providing spiritual pick-me-ups and advice to help put the 'zest' back! The beauty of the Ramadan Booster is it's your very own personalised aid helping you track and review your prayers, actions and even your thoughts to help you focus on what's really important in Ramadan and even beyond......

Give your Ramadan a Boost with the Worlds First Ramadan Booster!


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