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Mother The perfect gift to give a loved one or indeed to educate oneself as to the significance Islam places on this important relationship through relevant Quranic Ayah, Hadith, and Islamic Poetry.

Example Quotes from GiftBook:

And We have enjoined upon man (to be good and dutiful) to his parents; (because) his mother bore him in weakness, and hardship, and his weaning is in two years. (Hear the Command, therefore,), Show gratitude (and thanks) to Me and to your parents; (then) unto Me is the final destination. [Q31:14]

Through you, Allah brought me here Great pain and suffering you did bear I could never pay you back Words of gratitude I do lack From pen to paper I do convey The innermost love with which I pray I do love you with all my heart In Paradise I hope we never part.

Ideal gifts to convey what we sometimes find difficult to say through relevant Quranic Ayah, Hadith, and Islamic Poetry


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