Let It Go - Learning the Lesson of Forgiveness


  • Author Na'ima B. Robert and Mufti Menk
  • Availability: In Stock
Na'ima B. Robert and Mufti Menk
'Life isn't always easy Even when you're small, You may feel angry, or hurt or sad, We're only human, after all.' We all have days when things seem to go from bad to worse. Follow one little boy whose frustrating day is making him angrier and angrier and see where it takes him... A charming way to introduce children to one of the core character traits in Islam: forgiveness. Inspired by the motivational words of the popular/ well-loved Mufti Menk and crafted by award-winning author Na'ima B. Robert, this story invites children to identify and talk about their feelings and learn how to cope with them.

Size: 25 x 25cm


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