Societal Obligation (Fard Al - Kifayah)


  • Author Nahla Elharaki
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Nahla Elharaki
The Rise & Development of Societal Obligation (Fard Al-Kifayah). The book at hand studies the development of Fard Al-Kifayah and answers the questions of who, what, where, when, why and how it developed by looking at various perspectives of Islamic theological jurisprudence. It examines the theory and practices of societal obligation.
- In order to set this research within a historical perspective, the line of development during the medieval period is traced. The extension and various approaches in resorting to this concept for achieving certain social objectives are examined. Finally, the recent excessive use of this obligation is analyzed and related to the social objectives inherent in the concept itself. It will become apparent how the concept of Fard Al-Kifayah is an example of the way modern reformists acquire.


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