Nur al-Ida (HB) - The Light of Clarification


  • Author Sharun Bullali
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Sharun Bullali
Nur al-Idah is a classical text on Sacred Law and for generations has been one of the most widely taught texts used to transmit reliable rulings on Islamic Law according to the Hanafi School. It is an ample law book that covers vast areas of learning ranging from purification to hajj. It leaves the student well prepared to deal with matter pertaining to worship and provides sufficient grounding in the matter one encounters daily, this text has been published for its first time into English and includes commentary from other Hanafi sources, such as Maraqi al-Falah, Radd al-Muhtar and al-Hidayah. It is understood that the seeker of knowledge requires Arabic text and for this reason it has been included along with the English to enable easier understanding.


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