Love for Allah


  • Author Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahamd
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Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahamd
The face of one who sincerely loves Allah glows with the spiritual radiance of love. When some of the rulers from the Successors [Tabi’in] sent a delegation to collect the tax from the disbelievers, the latter refused to pay. The officials asked “Why do you refuse to pay us when you used to pay the tax to forefathers?” The disbelievers replied, “When your forefathers used to come, their clothes were old and torn, their hair was dishevelled, and their eyes were streaked with red due to worshipping throughout the night. Yet their faces were so awe-inspiring that we were unable to raise our eyes toward them. Your characteristics are not like theirs, nor will you be as just. Be gone, we will not give you anything”.


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