Woman in Islam


  • Author By B.Aisha Lemu, Fatima Heeren
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By B.Aisha Lemu, Fatima Heeren
During the last fifteen years since I came to accept Islam," writes Aisha Lemu, "I have been asked many questions about the Muslim way of life by non-Muslim friends and acquaintances. The ignorance of the ordinary educated Westerner about Islam is almost total; but the area where the vacuum of knowledge has been most effectively filled with misinformation is possibly concerning the role of women,' she adds in the first chapter of this stereotype-shattering book.

Woman in Islam is written by two Western converts to Islam: Lemu, who is from England and Fatima Heeren, who is from Germany. It is a brief and clear exposition of the Islamic perspective on women's rights in Islam written by two educated Muslim women.

It includes chapters on "sticky" topics like polygamy, Islamic dress code for women and men, arranged marriages, inheritance laws and more. It also has a solid and well-written discussion of Muslim family life.

written by Muslim women who know both civilizations, Islamic and Western. It is a wonderful resource for public school libraries, as a gift for non-Muslims and Muslims, as well as an addition to your personal library.

This was a presentation before the international Islamic conference organised by the Islamic Council of Europe in 1976


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