What Should We Say?


  • Author By A.R. Kidwai and F.M. D'Oyen
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By A.R. Kidwai and F.M. D'Oyen
WHAT SHOULD WE SAY? Is a sequel to the Islamic Foundation's small hook What Do We Say? Published in 1996 for young children; although primarily intended for children at Key Stage 2, (7-11 years), this book can also he used by students of secondary level, those new to Islam, and those interested in making the remembrance of Allah a reality in their every day lives. This helpful and practical guide presents sonic of the important daily prayers taught by the Prophet Muhammad (Allah's Blessings and Peace he upon him) in simple English, with accompanying Arabic text, notes and pronunciation guide. An essential part of Islamic upbringing, these are the supplications most commonly used by Muslims world wide to increase awareness and remembrance of Allah in daily life. Islamic Illustrations and practical guide of that important daily Prayers taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in simple English.


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