Towards Understanding the Quran Abridged English Only (PB)


  • Author Sayyid Abul Aala Mawdudi
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Sayyid Abul Aala Mawdudi
TOWARDS UNDERSTAND THE QUR'AN Abridged version is a fresh English rendering of Tafhim AL-Qur'an, Sayyid Mawdudi’s monumental and masterly with a difference, by a scholar of an entirely different sort. An immense wealth of profound understanding of the Qur'an is here, a vast treasure of knowledge and deep insight, and a valuable exposition of some social, political, economic and legal teachings of the Qur'an. But what makes this work unique is that it presents the Qur'an as a book to be lived by, a mission to be lived for, and a duty that a reader can no longer evade or postpone. This rare quality is imparted not only by the depth of his scholarship and style of exposition, but also because Sayyid Mawdudi lived by what he expounded as his life abundantly proves.


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