The Story of Yusuf (AS) - A Modern Analysis


  • Author Sheikh Dr Sajid Umar
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Sheikh Dr Sajid Umar
The Story of Yusuf A.S
A Modern Analysis of Yusuf (AS) Rise from the depth of Darkness to the highest of Stations

By Sheikh Dr. Sajid Umar

Three Unique Prompts to Engage the Reader

- Transformative Wisdom
- Reflect
- Did You Know​

Unveiling Yusuf's (AS) Journey
From Adversity to Triumph
Contemporary Exploration
Beauty Unveiled, Morals Unlocked
Exemplar for the 21st Century
Transformational Experience
Immerse yourself into one of the most iconic stories ever told. The Story of prophet Yusuf (AS) start with loss, grief and turmoil. Despite this, it conclude with unprecedented success.

The Story of Yusuf (AS) : A modern analysis of Yusuf's (as) rise from the depth of darkness to the highest of stations" aims t shine a light on this quranic narrative, highlighting its beauty and unlocking its timeless morals. Through his resilience when deserted, chastity when tempted, patience when imprisoned, brilliance when leading, and forbearance when judging, prophet Yusuf(AS) is an exemplar for us in the 21st century.

Allow yourself be transformed as you experience the story of Yusuf (AS) like never before!


In the Name of Allah
The Miraculous Quran
Prophetic Parenting
Sold into Slavery
Allegation Denied
Talk of the Town
Dungeons, Dreams, and Dawah
The Realm of Dream
A Turn of Fate
Yusuf and the King
Famine in Palestine
Operation Binyamin
The Great Reveal
An Epic Journey
Concluding Counsel
About the Author

Sheikh Dr. Sajid Umar holds post-doctoral positions as a mufti, murabbī, and da'ī. Currently, he serves as a judge with the Islamic Council. Over many decades, he has tirelessly worked worldwide to fulfill his vision of empowering Muslim communities.

Born in Leicester, UK, he was raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. He obtained qualifications from Muhammed bin Saud Islamic University and Al-Imam University.


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