The Misrepresented Prophet: Understanding The Life Of The Most Maligned Man In History Volume 1: The Beginning of His Life Until The Migration


  • Author Mohammed Aminoor Rahman
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Mohammed Aminoor Rahman
The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) is the most vilified individual in the west, with thousands of pages of propaganda and misinformation printed regarding his ‘bloodthirsty’ climb to the top. Schizophrenia, pedophilia and imposter are common insults hurled against the Prophet (SAW) in an age of secularism and irreligiosity. How are Muslims in the west meant to respond to such claims when there is a diaspora of misinformation regarding the person of Muhammed (SAW). In this treatise I have presented the life of Muhammed (SAW) in light of the western narrative, explaining contentious issues and distinguishing between contradictory reports in an attempt to portray an accurate representation of the Prophet as he was and not how he is viewed. This is Volume 1 of his life as the misrepresented prophet, vilified and abused by his own people and this abuse continuing up till today. Covering the prophecies and early life of the Prophet (SAW) and concluding with his entrance to Madinah with his faithful companion. The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said: “Whoever lies upon me (intentionally), he will (surely) enter the fire” (Sahih Al-Bukhari) This aforementioned tradition makes it difficult to relay copious amounts of information regarding the Prophet (SAW) as a lot of events are subject to debate. I present one version which I deem the most accurate representation of the Prophet (SAW) and the more learned readers will notice that I have left out famous incidents which are commonly narrated. I do this as the historical basis for them is weak or fabricated and try to depict an authentic depiction of the Prophet (SAW). Read and learn about the life of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) in light of modern criticisms and how I remove misconceptions and lies propagated by the West.


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