The Beloved Prophet An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme


  • Author Zaahied Sallie
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Zaahied Sallie
Embedded in every civilisation is a poetic history of its people. The stanzaic, metric, rhythmical structure has shaped, ordered, and re-ordered our understanding of humanity since the beginning of language. Many biographers have written about Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, but none have employed this literary device to relate his story in detail.

The Beloved Prophet: An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme is a story overflowing with emotion and sentiment, presented in the most compressed literary style. This is not the only element that sets this unique biography apart. Combined with these verses are beautiful hand-drawn artwork that further animates the spirit of this profound story. The book comprises of fifty-two chapters, each with its corresponding artwork, 624 stanzas and 2,496 verses to delight a variety of palates ranging from the young to the old.


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