Tayammum (Dry Ablutions) Round Box


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This unique new product is an attempt to ease the problem of access to clean dirt when one can't perform full wudu.

This dust in on the stone to be used when water is not available or when one is sick. It is ideal to take it with you on your journey in your car or on an airplane. You can give it to someone who is sick or in the hospital and unable to perform wudu with water.

By providing different rulings for different situations, Islamic Law ensures that its injunctions are easy to carry out under all circumstances. Prayer is one of the most important pillars of Islam, and purification is one of the conditions for its validity.

There are times when a person has to pray, but on account of illness or travel, will not be able to use water to perform the prescribed ablution. For this situation, Islam has prescribed dry ablution, where pure earth is used instead of water. Tayammum - Dry Ablution should be performed when two conditions are met: The time for prayer has arrived and Water is either unavailable or the person is unable to use it Method of Performing Dry Ablution: With fingers spread wide, rub or hit the tayamum pad or ground with the palms of both hands Wipe the face with the palms of both hands Wipe the back of each hand up to the wrist

Size: 11cm x 5cm approx


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