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Sadiyya Nesar
Have you ever faced a challenge that felt insurmountable? This book offers a gentle light on overcoming adversity. Strength From Within shares the author's experiences with physical limitations and the hidden strengths discovered within hardship. Through personal stories and insights, it explores the beauty found in overcoming struggles and finding hope, even in the most difficult times. It's not a self-help manual, but a warm invitation to discover your own resilience. The attainment of these treasures may be painful, but it ultimately provides comfort and hope. It allows us to discover strengths that we never thought we had, and to eventually have a more enriched experience. It is a source of encouragement to remain hopeful. It is a reminder to never give up, just like the chosen examples before us.

Sa'diyya Nesar received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Language & Literature from Hong Kong University. After that, she pursued her Islamic studies and worked as a writer for a variety of outlets, including the HuffPost. She is currently RESOLVE's social justice 2020 fellow for 'DisABILITIES: less assumptions, more conversations,' in Hong Kong. She is an international and TEDx speaker that delivers talks on her life with physical disabilities and how to derive strength from adversities. She finds inspiration using examples of those in Islamic history and is currently developing the "Community Care in Islam" series in Hong Kong while also pursuing her passion for poetry.


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