Smart Digital Tasbih Zikr Ring (iQIBLA)


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iQIBLA Smart Tasbih Zikr Ring is the world's first smart ring for Muslim prayers, designed to meet the needs of Muslims for tasbih zkir and prayer timetable reminders, replacing the traditional Muslims prayer beads with a smart and neat wearable technological ring. The ring also provides many other functions, including a reminder of the five daily prayers, a tasbih counter, in addition to displaying the time.

Built-in bluetooth, easy to connect with Qibla watch and smartphone.

5 Prayer times reminder, Qibla watch or smartphone.

OLED screen display , which provides better image quality and guarantees low energy consumption.

Tasbeeh Counter : With the tasbeeh counter, you can easily count and record your daily tasbeeh times anytime, anywhere.

High capacity battery for 3 days of normal use. It can be charged anywhere, anytime via USB cable to an adaptor, powerbank or computer

Material: Plastic


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