Raw Yemeni Sidr 200g (Summer 2023) Blackstone


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Our Pure & Raw Yemeni Sidr Honey presents a complex and rich taste granting its unmissable thick consistency and insatiably sweet aroma.

Made by the bees that forage the remote, Hadramout area of Yemen, the ambrosial rarity that is harvested Summer season embraces its tone from the flowers that emerge out of the Ziziphus spina-christi. In turn, this floral embracement as well as it’s potent therapeutic properties brings to us what we know as “liquid gold”.

Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the finest honey in the world. It's distinctive taste, health-promoting nutrition values, and limited quantity (due to the crisis) gives it this reputation. Sidr honey comes from Sidr trees, which grow uncultivated in the middle east.

1x Yemani Sidr Honey 200g


Honey in general has many natural healing properties. Sidr honey provides that and a much more stronger healing effect. Below are some of the benefits of Yemen Sidr Honey:

Strong antioxidant and antibacterial - Research has found that darker honey's generally have higher antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Natural Ointment - apply honey to an infected or burned area. The cooling sensation and natural elements bring comforting healing benefits.

Balance Blood Glucose - Unlike your average everyday sugar, honey has a much less glucose and sucrose content which makes it an ideal treat for diabetics.

Heals stomach ulcers - the cooling temperature of honey is able to tame and treat hot infections/areas in the body.

Treat chronic cough - honey has been shown to be a natural cough suppressant especially for children over 2 years of age.

Boosts the immune system - the unique antioxidant and antibacterial properties helps improve the immune system by ridding toxic buildup in the bloodstream.

Clears acne - Due to honey's natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce and rid the appearance of acne that is triggered by a buildup of bacteria under the skin.

Ruqya - one of the extra benefits of sidr honey. It has been used along side ruqya to treat & cure Jinn possession, Black magic and Evil eye,


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