Ramadan Planner (Journal)


  • Author Shazia Chowdhury
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Shazia Chowdhury
This Ramadan Planner allows you to plan your fasting days, where you can write and plan. It provides beneficial knowledge such as ayats from the Qur'an, authentic Hadiths, names of Allah (SWT) along with its meaning, the dos and don'ts in Ramadan, authentic supplications, suggested videos/audios and information on various other things for a better understanding about the Deen. It is a Planner, where it allows the audience to engage- both learn and write at the same time. It is a great way to keep on track for the blessed 30 days of Ramadan. It reminds, as every reminder benefits the reader.

The Ramadan Planner includes:
1. Ramadan calendar
2. Ayat for each day
3. Hadith for each day
4. Iftar/Suhoor planning
5. Names of Allah and the meaning
6. Information about Ramadan, Fasting, Prayer, Qur’an, Charity, Taraweeh, Laylatul Qadr, Qiyam, Zakat, Tahajjud, I’tiqaaf and Rewards
7. Tips for Laylatul Qadr
8. Authentic Supplications
9. Dos and Don’ts
10. Suggestions for YouTube lectures (audio/video) along with QR codes

The author, Shazia Chowdhury, is an experienced writer and Muslim speaker who has crafted a planner that is both practical and spiritually uplifting. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Ramadan experience with the help of this comprehensive planner.


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