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Costus Root / Qustul Hindi Powder 100% Pure, Natural and Authentic from Al Madinah Al Munawwarah

Qust is hot and dry in the third degree and helps to dry out excess phlegm, help to remedy colds and influenza and nasal congestion. Imam Ibn Al Qayyim said that drinking an infusion of Qust helps strengthen the liver and helps to remedy weakness of digestion, slackness of the stomach, and if used as an ointment, it helps backache or rheumatic pain in the lumbar region.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said, “Use this ‘Oud al-Hindi (Indian Wood Costus) because it contains 7 types of cures, it is sniffed by the one having throat trouble, and is put inside the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy”. [Saheeh al-Bukhari (5692)].

Qust (Costus) also against victular and quartan fever (fever that comes every 4 days), the pain on the side of the body and poisons. When the face is anointed with Qust (Costus) that has been ground and mixed with water and honey, it heals spots that appear on the face. Galinus said that Qust (Costus) ‘heals tetanus, the pain on the sides and kills spots (which he called pumpkin seeds).

Modern researches suggest that Qust (Costus) is a blood purifier, antiseptic and increases the cutaneous circulation. Hence, it might be used to treat dandruff, freckles, and ringworm. It is a good insect repellent. Hence, might be used to keep off the insects from the clothes. Internally it is a good anti-spasmodic and neurotonic, hence, might be used to treat coughs, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, paralysis, facial palsy and neurasthenia.

Treat Fever
It increases heat in the body
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces fat
Fights infection
It reduces inflammation
This herb relieves pain well
It treats skin diseases
It can improve hair growth
Removes toxins from the body
Skin diseases like itching and eczema
Low immunity and cold cough
Nerve weakness
Low blood pressure
Intestinal parasites
Irregular and painful periods and scanty menses


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