Quran Al Hifdh Al Muyassar


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Muhammad Al-Sayyid Madi

Al Hifdh Al Muyassar is an innovative way to facilitate the memorisation of the Quran using verbal and moral links

The idea of the "Mushaf for Easy Preservation" is based on the use of links to facilitate memorising and remembering the verses. These links also help the reader or memoriser of the Mushaf to further contemplate the verses of the Noble Qur'an.

The creator of this method, in particular, divides each page of the Qur'an into two parts or two sections. A first section at the top of the page with a yellow background, and a second section at the bottom of the page with a blue background, to memorise each part or section separately.

It contains:
- 1690 reflective pauses
- meanings of words
- Quranic words that may be misunderstood
- similar verses

Hard Cover
Size: 17x24cm approx


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