Quraan for Children (Qawaid)


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Quraan for Children (Qawaid) is a simple guide to learning Arabic alphabets and it's pronunciations. It aims to teach young children and adults Qur'aan reading.

Quraan for children is written in the Uthmani script used in the Madani Mus'haf. The book is designed to make learning to read the Qur'aan fun and easy for children. The use of vibrant colours and clear layout of this book makes it easy for you to find your way around. The units in this book are in level of difficulty and cover the essential aspects for children to start learning how to read the Qur'aan. The units in Quraan for Children cover letter recognition, vowels, signs and rules of reading the Uthmani scrip. Qur'aan for children also contains the rules of tajwid or the rules of Qur'aan recitation. This book is an excellent way for children to start their journey in learning to read the Qur'aan.



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