Palestinian Delights Medjoul Dates - 5kg


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Our Medjoul Dates are renowned for their premium quality. Harvested near the historical Palestinian town of Jericho; these dates are some of the highest quality available. We carefully pick our dates and store them in a controlled and cooled environment. Our Medjoul dates have been cultivated on Palestinian land by Palestinian farmers and workers. Once ready, they are transported to countries all over the world.

Date Size - Medium

100% Palestinian Produce
Carefully picked to ensure highest quality
Stored at low temperatures to maintain freshness
Naturally sweet taste with no added sugar or syrup
No Additives Or Preservatives
Perfect as a snack, or with coffee/Tea
Perfect for baking, especially Cakes and date biscuits (Ma'amoul)
Perfect for sharing
Suitable For Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and Healthy Diets

Difference between Yaffa Medjoul & Palestinian Delights:
The main difference between Yaffa and Palestinian Delights is the rate of skin separation & flakiness, which is higher and more visible in the Palestinian Delights range. Both Yaffa and Palestinian Delights Medjoul are fresh and completely edible. Both are grown in the same trees and are from the same harvest.

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