Palestine - Beginners Guide


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Ismail Adam Patel
The history of Palestine is as old as mankind. Although the ongoing crisis in the Holy Land promotes an image of violence, historically this region has hosted members of all faith; living side by side in reasonable harmony. In this the 21st century, with unrest continuing to dominate the news from Palestine; it is timely to review the past in order to better understanding the present and work towards a brighter, peaceful future.

“Palestine- Beginner’s Guide” has been prepared in a simple format to aide understanding of the Holy Land’s history and to grasp why this once pluralist land is now the capital of faith-based sectarianism.

Palestine – Beginner’s Guide…
• Traces chronologically the events in Palestine from 6,000 BC to 2004;
• Offers a wealth of information and facts;
• Counters the myths that have been spun around the issue of Palestine;
• Is beautifully laid-out and easy to understand;
• Is an invaluable aide to understand the crisis in Palestine; and
• Is a must for all concerned with the Middle East and world peace.


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