Musk Abiyad Perfume Oil 20ml


  • Brand: Afnan
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Musk Abiyad is a Beautiful Musk Concentrated Oil Based Perfume presented in a beautifully crafted bottle.


Top Notes: Floral and Musky
Middle Notes: Musky, Balsamic and Powdery
Base Notes: Musk and Floral

These notes combine to create a highly luxurious scent that will have an enchanting influence on the senses. This perfume is perfectly suitable for use by both men and women and comes wrapped in a high-class bottle that speaks volumes of its sophistication.

The Perfect Mood Enhancer This Musk Abiyad perfume will enhance your mood in seconds with its lush and pleasant aroma. It contains a brilliant fusion of top-class ingredients that gives off a deliciously tasty aroma, uplifting your somber or dull mood and filling it with cheerfulness.
Unisex 20 ML


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