Luxury Ciragan Elegance Prayer Mat


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Woven by the legendary El Hiba weavers of Anatolia, these Ciragan Elegance rugs incorporate mystical Oriental patterns with eye catching Ottoman heritage motifs. The delightful designs have widespread appeal, and always look good no matter how often they are used simply because they are so durable. The softness of the textiles creates a very luxurious feel, adding to the pleasure whenever the rug is in use.

Made from sustainable wool and cotton using traditional techniques, it makes a wonderful gift that will really be appreciated for years to come. Luxuriously packaged with cord, this El Hiba prayer rug is truly delightful.

The El Hiba weavers have been producing rugs of this superb quality for many years and use only top quality materials and traditional designs combining a mix of Ottoman, Seljuk, Arabic motifs and designs along with mystical patterns derived from the Orient.


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