Journey to Islam - Diary of a German Diplomat 1951-2000


  • Author Murad Hofmann
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Murad Hofmann
Murad Wilfred Hofmaan, LL.M. (Harvard), S.J.D (Munich), born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, is a retired German Diplomat who reverted to Islam in 1980. Having entered the German Foreign Service in 1961, after studying German and American law at Union college, Schenectady, N.Y., Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass., and Munich University, he served in the Bonn Foreign Office and with German Missions in Algiers, Brene, Paris, Brussels, Vienna and Belgrade. He last served as the information director of NATO (1983-87) and as Ambassador to Algeria (1987-90) and Morocco (1990-94)
Journey to Islam Diary of a German Diplomat 1951 – 2000. A lengthy process, rich in remarkable and thought – provoking events, including compelling encounters with Islamic philosophy, led the author to embrace Islam. His experiences since that time – such as his pilgrimages to Makkah – further deepened his understanding of, and identification with, this “fastest growing religion in Europe”. This “Diary” is, however, much more than a recorded soliloquy. It is a lively introduction to Islam as such – developed in the spiritual confrontation of a Muslim intellectual of European background and the ideology and value system of post- industrial Western society.


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