Jalal YOUDH Night Perfume Oil 3ml


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This strong-scented piece of paradise is full of rich Ouds. YOUDH Night invigorates the senses with great endurance and intensity, it will leave you longing for more.

Your nights enjoyed with YOUDH Night.

Perfume Oil is 100% Natural, Non-Allergen, Non-Hormone Disrupting Premium grade fragrance oils.

Size: 3ml

Why us?
At YOUDH™ we offer something that cannot be found anywhere on the market. YOUDH™ Fragrances are Premium, 100% Natural, None-allergenic and Long lasting.

We know people experience allergic reactions to many things, but no one should suffer when applying something that smells great! That is why at YOUDH™ we offer natural healthy alternative fragrances that will last long without any issues.

Our story.
Our founder loves fragrance, but no matter where he looked he never found ‘the perfect’ one. Each scent always had little to no effect, gave terrible allergic reactions or were so overpriced it just wasn’t worth the time. He decided that he would begin creating his own fragrances to achieve the exact scent he was looking for, without the added chemicals. And he did.

After a decade of honing his craft. One thing stood as a constant, the amount of people who refused to try any of his fragrances due to their allergies. He was fed up with people missing out, and began work on the Jalal YOUDH™ 100% Natural, Non-Allergen, Non-Hormone-disrupting formulas to allow anybody to apply fragrance.


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