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Making wrapping the Hijab effortless and easy with our new Distinctive design!

Premium Chiffon hijab with a STITCHED full undercap elasticated at the back to fit all sizes to your comfortability.

Our instant full cap effortless hijab is the solution to having to wear undercaps and hijabs individually. Simply pop over the head adjust to your desired tightness and flip the hijab over the head and you are ready in seconds!

Colours Available while stock last:

Dust Pink

Cap (Bonnet) - Bamboo Viscose
Scarf - Chiffon

There are two main materials for Muslim women's headscarf, the cap (Bonnet) part is made of Bamboo Viscose fibers are clean, simple, and comfortable. The shawl part is made of light and breathable chiffon material. chiffon is a popular, decorative, lightweight fabric that was is associated with elegance and luxury

One size hijab scarf fits all adult and older children.

Hand Wash Only

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