Fiqh of Menstruation Simplified: A Beginner's Guide For Muslim Women


  • Author Naielah Ackbarali
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Naielah Ackbarali
A basic guide on the fiqh of menstruation (hayd), lochia (nifas), and abnormal bleeding (istihada).

-Short chapters on must know topics.
-Concise and easy-to-follow explanations.
-Diagrams of examples.
-Summary charts and blurbs of rulings.
-Icons that emphasize key points.
-Answers to the most popular questions.
-Stories about the female Companions.
-Inspirational Islamic content.
-Based on the Ḥanafī madhhab.

Suitable for older teens, converts, beginner learners, and Islamic school teachers.

Binding: Paper Back
Weight: 350g
Publisher: Inspired Muslim women
Pages: 92


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