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Essentials Multi Mineral is a supplement for healthy skin, strong hair and nails. It supports enhanced energy levels, stamina and vitality.

Balance of Vitamins & Minerals
Essentials Multi Mineral was designed help you to achieve a balanced intake of the vitamins and minerals your body needs along with additional ingredients that enhance stamina and vitality.

Provides Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Essentials Multi Mineral provides servings that are higher than the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D (lack of consistent daylight exposure), Biotin (the key vitamin for healthy hair, skin and nails), and Vitamin B12 (the energy vitamin). That is because in terms of nutrients, more is not always better. The reasoning behind this is that no matter how good or bad our diets may be we all naturally consume a certain amount of vitamins and minerals and other beneficial ingredients for our bodies. But our bodies can only process a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients at a time.

Optimise Cellular Growth
Optimise cellular growth, improve stress resistance, support stable blood sugar levels and strengthen your immune system.

Enhance Energy
An added benefit of this formulation involves its ability to promote and maintain strong, natural hair, nails, and skin as well as enhanced energy levels and mood

Additional Ingredients
We capped most ingredients at 100% of the RDA. That allows to add some additional ingredients like Glutathione (to slow down the ageing process), Bamboo extract (to support healthy hair, nails and skin), probiotics (to improve digestive health), Hyaluronic Acid (to promote skin elasticity), Inositol (to boost concentration) and Coenzyme Q10 (to help improve blood sugar regulation).

Made in USA

60 tablets per bottle

**Bottle design may vary time to time**


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