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Next-generation digital tasbeeh counter.

A RANDOM COLOUR WILL BE SENT OUT - If you would like a spacific colour please email

Portable Rotating Tasbeeh Beads with Digital Counter
AUTOMATIC: With Statistical reading, automatic power off and the counter can be cleared to zero.

HIGH QUALITY: It is made of ABS plastic material with good resistance to falling, durable material.

EASY TO USE: Scroll count and low-noise operation. Scroll down the thumb to start counting with the smooth roller.
PORTABLE: Mini sized counter is light weight, so it is easy to carry.

Material: ABS Plastic

Colours: (ONLY Purple Colour Available)

Blue, Dark Brown, White, Light Brown, Red, Purple. Also available in Wooden effect: Rose wood, Yew Wood Mahogany and Dark Oak

Height: 10.5 cm
Width: 5 cm
Thickness: 2.5 cm
Length of Tassel: about 12 cm
Battery: Built-in button cell

1 x Rotating Prayer Beads with Digital Counter

Please Note: **Image is for Illustration purpose only, design may vary time to time.**


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