Ameerat Al Arab Black (100ml)


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Ameer Al Arab Eau de Parfum by Asdaaf / Lattafa is a modern, spicy fragrance for men, made unique by its spicy, woody quality. This best-selling perfume spray always gets people’s attention. The fragrance spray is best perfect for men.

It will be held highly by individuals searching for an alluring, seductive scent that stands out from the crowd. The fragrance adds a devastatingly attractive aura around the wearer, lending an air of superiority.

Inspired by Higher Dior perfume

The spicy, peppery scent of Ameer Al Arab / Prince of Arabia is profound enough for all occasions. The powerful fragrance makes an unforgettable impact when worn, especially for their special nights out. The scent has a magnetic effect when worn during more intimate encounters. Its delicious, versatile nature lends itself well to all seasons yet takes a stance during autumn.

With excellent longevity, the scent endures long into the night. Ameer Al Arab / Prince of Arabia Eau de Parfum by Asdaaf / Lattafa is an addictive, signature-worthy masterpiece for confident men that live life at its finest.


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