Al Khair Peelu Miswak in Holder


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Miswak Holder with freshly harvested miswak! Natural miswak with a practical, plastic pen shaped holder.

The holder is designed to:

Maintain optimal level of moisture
Keep your miswak fresh for longer periods
Prevent miswaks from mould
Keeps pockets clean
Easy to carry

Natural Flavor Miswaak. Comes vacuum sealed to retain freshness and softness. The bark at the tip is easily removed even without the use of a knife. Chew the bristles to separate the natural fibers to form like toothbrush bristles. To clean the teeth, brush with Miswak from the edge of the gums in a up and down movements till the cutting edge of the teeth. The miswak or siwak is a natural tool for brushing the teeth. It is taken from the roots of the Arak tree especially in the Arabian Peninsula and some parts of Asia the tree is known as Peelu. Miswak is a natural antiseptic, multi-purpose stick cleans and whitens the teeth and sweetens the breath, and is widely used throughout the Islamic world. The use of sewak is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

**(Please Note - Package colour and design may vary time to time, but the product inside is alway the same)


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