A Beautiful Patience 40 Life Lessons from Surah Yusuf


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Shabbir Hassan
Have you ever faced difficulties and asked yourself questions such as: How do I recover from heartbreak? How do I deal with toxic family members? How do I overcome spiritual lows? Instead of turning to motivational videos, self-help books, and countless podcasts to feel uplifted and to find the answers, why not turn to your faith? Is it because you feel a disconnect when you do try to? Most of us (which I like to call the 95%) cannot directly access the divine message of the Qur'an, and there is a lack of contemporary resources in the English medium to help us get there, which is why this book is so important.

This book, A Beautiful Patience (named after 'sabrun jamil' in Surah Yusuf) has been written with the 95% in mind. Not only is the story of Prophet Yusuf told, one that is centred around patience and hardship, but each chapter covers one relevant life lesson to help you with your spiritual & personal development. Lessons such as:

How to develop patience & gratitude
The power of du'a (supplication)
How to maintain optimism in life


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