8 Steps for developing Khushu in Salah


Khushu’ is the essence of Salah. Salah without Khushu’ is like a body without a soul. When Salah is prayed without Khushu’, it is as though we are presenting Allah with a lifeless Salah. This book will teach you how to develop Khushu’, using the threefold method; Enlightenment, Obstructions and Actions. In the Action phase, you will learn a further 8 practical steps and the acronym used for this model is ‘PARADISE’ where each letter represents one of the steps that you must take to develop Khushu’ in Salah.

If you want your Salah to bring joy and happiness to you in your life, and remove all of the worries, sadness and anxieties from your life, then the only way forward is by implementing the ‘8 Steps to developing Khushu’ in Salah’. These are:

P = Preparation
A = Awareness
R = Recitation
A = Arabic
D = Dua
I = Imagination
S = Stance
E = Eternal Life

Very soon, a time will come when you will be willing to give up your wealth, property and everything that you used to possess in this world, just for the sake of ONE Sajdah with Khushu. But by then, it will be too late. While your soul remains within you there is still time, but no one knows when their final moment will come. So: Don’t Delay! Act Now!


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