A Simple Guide to Prayer (CD)


Batool Al-Toma
Arabic read by Abdur Rahim Scott, Saukani Amron, Isma'il Hewitt and Abdul Jabbar Al-Toma. English by Ibrahim Hewitt and Batool Al-Toma.

This CD will teach you the key aspects of the Muslim everyday Prayer (Salah.) Whether you are new to Islam and have started learning how to pray or simply wish to improve your pronunciation and understanding, this CD and Book (Sold Separately) guide is for you.

Step-by-step and in easy to understand language, you will be taught the Arabic words and actions of the Salah together with their meanings.

You will also learn how to perform Wudu', or ablution in preparation for prayer; the Adhan or Call to Prayer and everyday expressions and greetings used by Muslims.

You are introduced to the concept of Prayer in Islam and its Divine origins through Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

This CD will assist towards understanding the meaning of Prayer, its form and significance as well as learning how to perform it.


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