Da'wah & Movement

A range of titles past and present dedicated to 'Dawah' or calling people to Islam and the struggle to reignite Islam as a way of life in the Muslim Individual and Muslim world with a focus on the global Islamic Movement ideas and teachings.


Islamic Thought: An Approach to Reform

Taha Jabir Al-AlwaniFor the first time, Muslims are faced with a worldwide positivism which is working to use knowledge, the sciences and their discoveries and acheivements in a ma..


Kube / Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Movement: Dynamics of Values, Power and Change

Sayyid Abul A'la MawdudiTHE ISLAMIC MOVEMENT: DYNAMICS OF VALUES, POWER AND CHANGE is a revised and extended version of Sayyid Mawududi’d Urdu Tehrik Islami ki Akhlaqi Bunyuddain. ..


Kube / Islamic Foundation

Building a New Society: An Islamic Approach to Social Change

Zahid Parvez Building a New Society casts light on an issue that has generated much heated debate: how a social change based on Islam should be brought about? The book expounds th..

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Muslim Scouts in Africa Vol 2

In their conquest to earn the 'Ummah Badge' Zaki, Faisal and Jamal travel throughout East Africa, from the ancient Muslim ports of Kenya and the Comoro islands, t..

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