Safar - Juz Amma (Madinah Script)


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The Safar Juz'Amma is part of the Safar Learn to Read series. It should be read after completing the Safar Qaidah, which consists of 13 progressive levels, each targeting a unique feature of learning.

While reading the Safar Juz'Amma, students will enhance their application of the 13 levels covered in the Safar Qaidah, building on fluency and the ability to read longer passages in a single breath. This book can also be covered in conjunction with the Safar Tajweed book - a sequel to the Safar Qaidah.

Unlike other contemporary Juz'Ammas, this book has been published with the surahs in the correct Quranic order, to help students to remember the sequence of surahs for correct Salah performance. Its script has been imported directly from the popular 13-line Quran that is used throughout the world. The text is not colour-coded for tajweed rules, so that students are able to read black and white Qurans without such aids.

The Safar Juz'Amma's unique marking code, diary and checklist are elements that have been designed to keep track of a student's progress and to enhance the communication between the student, their parents and the teacher.

Key Features:

Worldwide 15 line Madinah Script
Correct surah sequence
A unique marking code
Student Diary


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