Perspectives on Morality and Human Well-being: A Contribution to Islamic Economics


Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi
Perspectives on Morality and Human Well-Being: A Contribution to Islamic Economics explorers in detail the proposition that (private) morality, especially religious morality, is vital for achieving economic well-being and human happiness; and that this linkage would be even stronger in an Islamic economy. The book highlights the need for an active interaction between religion, morality and economics in general and in an (idealized) Islamic economy in particular. It is the contention of the book that moral principles mould individual's economy and the social behaviour, that the microscopic power of religious morality makes it more effective than secular morality in achieving social goals. It is, further argued that an egalitarian public policy must supplement private immorality to strengthen each other's ability to maximise collective good.


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