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Telawater Quran (Recital Quran - Arabic Only)

Large print Quran with Arabic Bangla script only, mainly to satisfy the needs of those readers who only desire to recite the Quran. Sometimes the additional translation text in a different language alongside the Arabic script can divert the attention of some reciters. The Arabic script is printed using the popular Kolkata font and the majority of people from Bengal are only familiar with this version of the Arabic script (please see image above).

This Telawater Quran is printed in a dark black font on beautiful ivory paper. The hardback binding and finishing is of exceptional quality. The Quran is prefaced with an informative introduction and articles in Bengali.

Language: Arabic Only with Bengali introduction and articles

Hardback, Gloss finish
Size: 24.5 x 17 (approx)
Pages: 718
Black text on Ivory paper 120gsm


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