Ar-Raheekul makhtoom (Bangla)


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Saifiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri
(Bangla) The Sealed Nectar: Biography of the Noble Prophet (SAW)

Ar Rahiqul Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar) is an internationally acclaimed biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). This authentic and accurate biography was written by the renowned Islamic scholar, Allamah Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri. Ar Rahiqul Makhtum went on to win first grand prize in a world contest held by the Muslim World League. The book was chosen for first place out of one hundred and seventy-one manuscripts received from all over the world. Shaykh Mubarakpuri taught for 28 years at various institutions and also taught for several years at the Islamic University of Madinah.

This Bengali language edition has been translated by Muhtarama Khadija Akhter Rezayee, a renowned author of many Islamic books, songs, and poems.

Language: Bengali
Size; 24 x 16cm (approx)
Hardback, Gloss finish
Black Text Ivory Paper 120GSM


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