Islam and the Economic Challenge


M Umer Chapra
The on-going revival in almost all Muslim countries has created the need for a clear, integrated picture of the programme that Islam has to offer to realise the kind of well-being that to envisage and to encounter the different problems now facing mankind , particularly in the economic field. Of special interest is a strategy that would help reduce to manageable limits the macroeconomic and external imbalances that most countries are now experiencing around the world, and would yet enable them to attain full employment, remove poverty, fulfil needs, and minimise inequalities of income and wealth. Can the Muslim countries formulate such a strategy within the framework of the secularist worldwide of capitalism, socialism and the welfare state? Can Islam help them realise their goals? If so, what kind of a policy package do Islamic teachings imply? This book is an effort to answer these and other related questions.


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