40 Hadiths Translation and Commentary (Tughra)


40 Hadith

Providing a concise overview of 40 Hadiths-sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace is upon him – this compilation is a part of a centuries-long discipline in which compilation of forty Hadiths have been made into books according to varying preferences. The second most important foundational source of Islamic knowledge after the Qur’an, Hadith studies the Prophet’s sayings and actions which have been carefully recorded bases on the reports of a reliable chain of narrators. Following the Prophet’s encouraged tradition of focusing on a select 40 of the sayings instead of the entire collection; this volume consists of the original Arabic text, English translations, and informative commentary. Compiled from the works of prominent Muslim scholar Fethullah Gulen, this study provides a clear portrait of how the Prophet established the principles of Islamic life through his teachings.


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