A Time to Speak


Ashraf Abu Turab and Zia Sardar
When a distress deepens and agony begins to tear into one’s soul. It is a time to speak out. A TIME TO SPEAK is an exercise in human communication. Sa’di was a master of his art; he gives tongue to silence, speech to words and eloquence to smiles. He observes the drama of life with sympathy, understanding and depth, and in the panorama of ever- changing events and human situations, focuses our attention on everlasting realities and universal truths. He speaks the language of the common man. He narrates the stories of kings and paupers, scholars and laymen, doctors and patients, teachers and pupils, not only to entertain but also to educate. He is never dull or boring; his wit is a stepping stone to wisdom. Herein lays his real greatness. A Time to Speak presents a fairly representative selection from the Gulistan in modern English. The stories and anecdotes have been adapted and edited so as to present the substance of Sa’di to the young and old of our time.


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