Safar - Arabic Handwriting (Learn Arabic Series)


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Safar Publications
Arabic Handwriting is part of the Safar Learn Arabic Series. The aim of the book is to strengthen children’s familiarity with elementary Arabic penmanship by teaching them to write letters and words. This is the first book in the Safar Learn Arabic Series, wherein students learn to write and study verses of the Quran and Ahadith of the Prophet (saw) The book can also be used as an aid to the Safar Qaidah, whereby writing the Arabic script will aid students to learn and read the Qaidah fluently.

The Arabic language is an essential part of a Muslim’s life. For centuries, the recitation of the Quran has been the primary goal for Muslims around the world and not much emphasis has been given on understanding and writing Arabic. The Safar Learn Arabic Series has been designed to fill this gap and help young Muslims better appreciate the sources of Islam: the Quran and Sunnah. This will, in turn, positively build and shape their character and Muslim identity (tarbiyah) in sha ‘Allah.


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