Muslims: Beliefs, Customs and Traditions


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Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
In this short work of little more than 100 pages, the whole essence and spirit of Islam is detailed in a style so accessible that it almost belies belief. The life of a Muslim from birth to death, and the demands made of a Believer are all clearly and concisely documented. The various religious observances, ceremonies, social customs, feasts and festivals, and the requirements therein are detailed, as well as those of a purely Indian Muslim origin. Originally written to assist members of other faiths gain an understanding of Islam, this book is just as valuable for Muslims in Britain today, not least as an aide-memoire to their heritage and faith. In short, Muslims: Beliefs, Customs and Traditions is an essential introduction to Islam, one which dispels much ignorance and hearsay about the Faith.


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