• Allah Commands Us To Make Du'aa

Allah Commands Us To Make Du'aa

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Praying to Allah and making supplications to Him are an inevitable part of every part of worship. The Prophet has said that the prayers are the worship itself, or infact the main part of it. A man?s prayers and worships are actually a means to declare to Allah, his faith and creed in Him and showing Allah that He alone has created us and only He is to be worshipped. Allah likes that His creatures worship Him and pray to Him. He has also prescribed the ways and acts of worship to Him. Allah does not burden His creatures more than they can bear, hence the prescribed acts of worship are the minimum that one should perform. However, if one wishes to get closer to Allah and attain His pleasure, he needs to do something more than the prescribed acts. In the light of this, the prayers and the supplications are the easiest way of worship for a person to adopt. The mankind is fortunate that the Prophet has guided them about how to pray and has taught the supplications that need to be made on various occasions. In this book, the emphasis is on the style so that the children can easily understand the significance of prayers and supplications. All these are taken from the Qur'an and the authentic books of Hadeeths.


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