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Hajj Safe Anti-Theft Waist Bags and the New Hajj Safe Secure Neck Bags are currently stocked by Amsons & Al-Hidaayah in Birmingahm, Azhar Academy, Zam Zam and Blackstone in London. They are stocked at stores in Bradford by “The Bradford Book Centre”, in Leicester by “The Islamic Establishment”, in Manchester by “The world of Islam” and in Derby by “Iman Hajj”.

Hajj Safe is a company that designs and manufactures unique products for people who travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah. The Hajj Safe Anti-Theft Waist Bag has been designed for pilgrims who are looking for a waist bag that is safe (safety) and secure (security). It can be used to carry their most important travel items e.g. passports, money, mobile phone and many other items. These bags are better than leather bags, and we can provide free delivery on orders over 10 products.

These bags are wire reinforced making them slash proof. This is important as there have been many cases were people have had their bags cut and stolen during tawaf around the kabab in Makkah. Hajj Safe Waist Bags are Anti-Theft Hajj Waist bags making them slash proof for Hajj and Umrah. They can be worn over the Ihram or used as a belt to hold the Ihram up.


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