99 Names of Allah - Kaba Clock Tower Silver (Large)


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Islamic Table Decor 99 Names of Allah Kaba Clock Tower (Large)

If you're looking for a home decor piece that will make your house shine, look no further than this incredible item! Designed to be a replica of both the Kaba and clock tower in Al Masjid Al Haram, this table decor is truly one of a kind!

Inscribed in Arabic calligraphy throughout this piece are the 99 names of Allah, with gorgeous rhinestones surrounding. The finishing touch comes in the working clock at the top of the tower, which completes and brings together this ultimate showpiece! Whether it's for you, your friends, or for your family, this home decor item is the perfect addition to any home.

Material: Plastic & Resin

Dimension: (W)23 x (L)27.5 x (H)26cm (Approx.)

*Due to the manufacturing process and hand-finished detailing, this item may have minor imperfections.

Made in Turkey


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